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Hana Bank Myanmar Page has confirmed that Kamboza Bank (K Pay) will accept foreign workers’ salary transfers at 3,000 kyat per dollar.


“It has been confirmed again. Those who transferred have also been confirmed. No additional documents are requested. No need to buy a token, There is no limit on the amount you can withdraw. If there is any problem, you can directly connect with K Pay, so you can contact the person in charge,” the Hana Bank Myanmar Page published.


Salary transfer means that when the recipient registers in Hana EZ, Salary is selected in the transfer purpose and if registered, Salary or the code “5200” will appear in the details. It was confirmed on September 15th that all those registered in the proposal will add 3,000 kyats per dollar if they make a foreign money transfer to K Pay.

If it is registered with other expenses for the purpose of remittance, please re-check as it may not be available at the announced rate. Hana Bank Myanmar Page stated that if the purpose is entered incorrectly, if you cancel your registration and re-register, you will definitely be able to transfer money at the above rate.


According to the Yangon City Electricity Corporation, electricity supply will be resumed on a part-time basis in Yangon Region as the towers and power lines are being repaired.

“Starting again today. In the past, it was lighting normally. Now it is being repaired,” said an official from the Yangon City Electricity Corporation.

“From 09:00 AM on 29.7.2022, we would like to inform you that power will be alternately supplied to groups A and B, which were previously supplying electricity,” the Yanking Township Electricity Office wrote on its social network page.


Similarly, the Thing Gyun Township Electricity Office also said, “We will return the lights in groups on a rotating basis while the large towers and power lines are being repaired. Group A fire from 09:00 to 13:00 this morning. It is announced on the social network that the fire will be returned to group B from 13:00 to 17:00.


The Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation has announced that there will be power outages in some townships in Yangon Region due to the 230kV Mansan-Shwe Saram power line fault.

On July 28, around 5:00 p.m., the 230kV Mansan-Shwesaram power line fault occurred, and a timely search and inspection was conducted, and it was found that tower No. 613 was swaying, according to the statement.


Due to the fault of the 230kV power line, the power transmission capacity of the Shweli power plant has decreased by about 300 MW. Because of this, in order to ensure the stability of the power system when the power output is decreasing in Yangon Region, emergency load reduction must be carried out during times of high electricity consumption and load, so townships in Yangon Region The Yangon Electricity Corporation announced that there will be temporary power outages in some places and that they will pay attention to ensure that there are no power outages in important places.


Since last May, electricity has been tested and released in some townships in Yangon from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

The Yangon Electricity Corporation has announced since before the Thingyan period that it will be divided into two groups and will be lit every four hours.


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